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About The Game

What is Field TAKTIX™?  Field TAKTIX™ is a game of strategy involving missions of capture and rescue.  The game is played outdoors on a 35’ X 40’ “Battlefield”, the “Battlefield is formed with the games boundary ropes and corner stakes. 

  • Field TAKTIX™ is a game for 2 to 6 players, forming 2 teams.

  • Each player becomes a General on the Battlefield.

  • Players attempt to control the Battlefield by placing their balls in key areas.

  • Players must formulate strategic plans, and conduct tactical missions in an effort to capture their opponent, and rescue their own balls.

  • Players will test their mental and physical skills in an effort to out wit and maneuver their opponent on the Battlefield.  

Each team starts the game with 3 Free balls. The objective of the game is to capture all 3 of your opponent’s balls, leaving your opponent with no Free balls on the Battlefield. When a ball is captured it is placed in prison. Teams are able to free captured balls by using the Rescue Shot. As the game continues, teams are able to earn a Bonus Peg. The Bonus Peg is used to gain bonus shots. The game is won after a team has captured all of their opponent’s balls.

Each set contains 2 versions:

  • An adult version for ages 10 & up, and a

  • Junior version for ages 5-10.

Field TAKTIX™ is a game the whole family can enjoy, both young and old.

Start enjoying  Field TAKTIX™ and the classic game croquet with your family and friends, at picnics, barbeques, or your own backyard.

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