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Feed The Children   Tourney Details  TAKTIX Challenge

The TAKTIX Game Company® offers organizations great opportunities for fund raising.  Holding a Field TAKTIX™ tournament or a Field TAKTIX Challenge  is a fun way to earn money for your organization.  Our company will supply your organization with the knowledge and supplies needed for a successful tournament or Challenge.  We donate game sets for prizes, and offer game sets at reduce prices for raffling and resale.  Your organization may charge a tournament entry fee with all proceeds going to the fundraiser.  We will offer free tournament bracket sheets and T-Shirts.  We will provide an instructional video on how to play Field TAKTIX.  Our goal is to make your fundraising easy, fun, and successful.  Contact us for more information about our fundraising opportunities and tournament details
The TAKTIX Game Company®  gives away at least 10% of all regular sales profits to charities. We thank you for your business.

Feed The Children

The TAKTIX Game Company is proud to be part of a fundraising campaign that will benefit Feed The Children and the many programs they sponsor.   The TAKTIX Game Company will donate 50% of the net profit from each game set sold, helping to bring food and essentials to needy children and families around the world.  Click here to learn more about Feed The Children and/or to purchase your TAKTIX game set benefiting  Feed The Children.  





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