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FieldTaktix in a NUTSHELL! 

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In this videoseries you will see a Field TAKTIX game played with narration throughout the video.

Game Demonstration video 1 of 2

Game Demonstration video 2 of 2

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  • A Fun Game for the Whole Family!
  • Why purchase just a croquet set when you can purchase
    a Field TAKTIX™ Croquet Combo Set?
  • Enjoy both the classic game of croquet and the
    exciting new game Field TAKTIX™.
  • Get 2 games for the price of 1 
    an unbeatable price for the quality.
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When you purchase the Field TAKTIX™ Croquet Combo Set you receive the exciting new game Field TAKTIX™, and the classic game Croquet.  The quality of our game sets are much better than the typical department store croquet set.  Each set comes with what you need to play 9 wicket croquet and Field TAKTIX™.   Each set includes a Field TAKTIX™ instructional DVD.

Field TAKTIX™ is a fun and exciting outdoor game for everyone.  Field TAKTIX™ will challenge your mental and physical skills.  Every turn demands strategic thought and precise placement.

Each player becomes a General on the battlefield.  Players pit their minds and skill against each other in an attempt to conquer their opponent. 

Field TAKTIX™ is a game involving missions of strategic captures and tactical rescues.  Players must maneuver their units over the battlefield planning their offensive attacks, defensive positioning, and formulating game saving rescue missions.

If you are tired of mindless outdoor games, Field TAKTIX™ is the game for you.  You will have hours of fun with family and friends.  Field TAKTIX™ is the perfect game for the backyard, picnics, and barbeques.  Start enjoying the outdoors with the exciting game called Field TAKTIX™.

Start enjoying the outdoors with the exciting game called Field TAKTIX™.




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