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 Croquet Combo Sets

Field TAKTIX Elite Croquet Combo Set with 36" mallets  

Why purchase just a croquet set when you can purchase a Field TAKTIX Croquet Combo Set?

You get everything shown here!

When you purchase a Field TAKTIX Croquet Combo Set you receive both the classic game croquet and the exciting new game Field TAKTIX.  The quality of our set is much better than the typical department store croquet set.  Each set comes with what you need to play 9 wicket croquet and Field TAKTIX.  Each set includes a Field TAKTIX instructional DVD.

Our sets are high quality, durable and very attractive.  Our mallets and balls are made of solid woods (Ash) and are built to last. 

All Mallets are equipped with comfortable and attractive handle grips.  Our balls are custom sized with a beautiful unique design.  Our wickets are strong not flimsy. 



Field TAKTIX Standard Croquet Combo Set with 28" mallets 

Our boundary ropes are made of tightly braided nylon strands for strength.  The ropes can easily be wound for storage.  Our Carrying Bags are made of tuff nylon.  The Bags are custom designed for easy storage, transportation, and can withstand extensive use.

When you purchase one of our Combo Sets you get 2 games for the price of 1, Croquet and Field TAKTIX.  The Field TAKTIX game comes with 2 versions, an adult and junior version.  It’s a set for all ages!  We are confident you will find our sets high quality, durable, and very attractive.  Our product is made in India by skilled craftsman.





Field TAKTIX Croquet Conversion Kit

$24.99  Great low price!

The conversion kit turns your old Croquet set into an exciting new strategy game of capture and rescue. To use the Conversion Kit buyers must have a pre-owned Croquet set with at least 2 mallets, 2 scoring stakes, and 6 balls.  The kit includes everything you need to convert your old Croquet set into the exciting game Field TAKTIX.  Kits also include the Field TAKTIX instructional DVD. 





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