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Field TAKTIX Challenge

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-Challenge the Firefighter
-Challenge the Employees
-Challenge the Coach
-Challenge the ?

Set up a booth where games are sold, and have 2 Battlefields on each side of the booth where participates can “Challenge the (Expert)”.  Participates will receive a discount of games sets. Participates beating the Expert may receive a greater discount. Games sets would be purchased at the booth with all profits over cost going to the Fundraiser.

The fundraiser could charge $1.00 or more to “Challenge the (Expert)” with proceeds going to the fundraiser.  $1.00 would give the challenger the opportunity to receive a discount on game sets redeemable at the booth. 

Kids 10 and under will have fun testing their skills at the Field TAKTIX skills course.  The skills course would be held on the second Battlefield near the booth.  Participants would receive a discount off game sets.  Winners may receive a greater discount.  Discounts are redeemable at the booth.

Game sets would be sold at retail (or reduced) prices with 100% of profits over cost going to the fundraiser.  T-shirts may be sold with 100% of profits over cost going to the fundraiser.

 The fundraiser would need at least 3 staff members to run the event (1Expert challenger, 1 staff member to run the kids skills course, and 1 staff member to run the booth).  The event setup and take down is simple, and the event is fun for staff as well as participants. 

The event could be held at picnics, festival, etc...  The fundraiser could sell hotdogs and refreshments, and have other fun events designed for kids and families.

 This fundraising event is a win/win situation for all.  It will earn money for the fundraiser, give good PR opportunities for the fundraiser, easy to put on for the fundraiser, and gives The TAKTIX Game Company exposure.

 The TAKTIX Game Company is willing to help advertise the event, and offer training to staff members.  Please contact us if you are interested in holding Field TAKTIX fundraising event or have any questions.



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